Adolescence is a transformative time in a young woman’s life. We are often asked when women should come in for their first GYN exam. ACOG (The American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology) states that young women don’t need a pap until age 21 or 3 years after the first intercourse, whichever comes first. We also see teenagers who suffer from heavy or irregular periods, painful cramps, menstrual migraines, vaginal infections, pelvic pain, or who need contraceptive counseling and sexually transmitted Infection education and screening. When we see a young woman for her first exam, we orient her to the gynecological exam, to the instruments and women’s health screening. We want women to begin their reproductive life feeling comfortable with getting GYN care and knowledgeable about their bodies.

Adolescent Health Education

We recommend that your first exam occurs by the age of 21.

We can help counsel and advise you on many issues, including:

  • adolescent nutrition and exercise
  • immunization
  • alcohol and drug use
  • puberty, physical changes and sexual development
  • sexual identity and awareness
  • emotional changes
  • breast development and self-examination
  • menstruation, cramping and tampon use and safety
  • birth control
  • sexually transmitted infections
  • pregnancy
  • health care privacy issues

What to expect at the first OB/GYN visit.

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